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Jack Skuller, despite his youth, could certainly be viewed as music industry veteran. The prodigious talent released his first single at the age of 14 on Bar/None Records, setting the stage for an authentic rock and roll upbringing. Radio Disney took notice and sponsored a 15 city tour garnering the of attention of outlets from Consequence of Sound to Teen Vogue to American Songwriter .

In 2014 Skuller was recognized by Songmasters and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for his breakthrough talent as a singer/songwriter/performer.  They awarded him the Holly Prize in tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly and in recognition of Skuller’s all-in-one talent.

 After closing that chapter of his life, Skuller is ready to make a new debut in music through his latest project, The Skullers . Channeling a powerful blend of blues-soaked modern rock with a rockabilly soul, the band has released a new EP, Meet The Skullers. 

Following the release of their debut single, “Can We Do That Again,” The Skullers entered the studio this past spring with four time GRAMMY nominated producer Joel Hamilton (The Black Keys, Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights, Tom Waits). The resulting EP opens with an up-tempo rock burner, “Meet Me in Memphis,” an ode to letting loose. Meet The Skullers goes on to showcase the breadth of the band’s eclectic influences and stylings with cuts like “Eyes Open” “Pressure Face” and “Peace With You” expanding upon their pure rock center point.

The Skullers have twice been featured as the Jersey Rock Band Of The Week on WRAT 95.9 Radio.

Bassist Luigi Sardi was interviewed by Bass Musician Magazine.

The “Brooklyn Girls” video premiered in Pancakes & Whiskey blog.
”The modern rockabilly/blues-inspired band have a classic sound that simmers in this catchy new single”


Indie Buddie Passion, spirit and kinetic energy ooze from this sway-able shuffle as The Skullers once again present a mesmerizing tune to wrap your ears around.

Pancakes & Whiskey The Skullers Rip It Up In The Sun (live show review)
“not only because we dig his classic songwriting, but because the band sounds excellent live and delivered a fiery performance. The fact that it was a short-and-sweet set didn’t at all lessen their impact; in fact, it felt like they poured all the more passion into the handful of songs they chose, each of which had the crowd swaying and bobbing their heads happily.”

Bob Leggett / Indie Voice / LA Music Critic  This debut five-song EP is a treasure, and exhibits so much potential for this band.  All five of these songs are great, with just the right amount of attitude, guitar, drums, and the amazing rock and roll voice of Skuller.  

The Aquarian Weekly 
"I heard an amazing blues band on Tom Hanley’s Jersey Rock show on the WRAT… and really loved the soul that singer Jack Skuller showcased in his vocals on songs like “Meet Me in Memphis,” “Pressure Face,” and “Peace With You.” You can’t have the blues without a little soul, and Skuller definitely has it!"

The Jersey Journal
"...emerged as one of the most reliable live acts in the area, bringing a hip modern take to classic rockabilly and blues. This cover of a Richard Hell track from the '70s helped broaden the group's already impressive palette."

Pop Rock Record 
New Jersey’s The Skullers have a great new single, a cover of a 1977 Richard Hell b-side called “I’m Your Man.” Their take marries a 1970s new wave sensibility with a more recent and fresh sound not unlike the UK’s Vaccines. I have to draw your attention back to their killer 2017 single, “Can We Do That Again.” From the hooky lead line opener to the swing in the chorus, the vocals and guitar gel in a way that could put this song in any number eras, including this one.

ComeHereFloyd/Tris McCall 
(the) numbers are immediate and crowd-pleasing enough for Nashville particularly his Beatlefied version of Richard Hell’s scruffball “I’m Your Man”, and a new original called “She Denies Herself The Things She Loves”. If an amphitheater-touring country roughneck plucked these guys from Hudson County tomorrow and stuck them in a support slot, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Down The Front Podcast
Frontman Jack Skuller is a mere 22 and an industry veteran of 8 years!! His awesome band The Skullers are on Episode #96 with 'I'm Your Man'. Real cool 60s vibe to this especially on the backing vox 

Indie Buddie
I'm Your Man" – It’s an undiluted rendition brimming with swagger and class. Jangly guitars stride and breeze through this exhilarating number with steamy effervescence while the smooth vocals caress the carefree irresistible melody with charisma and charm. 

Ear To The Ground 
“lead singer Jack Skuller rips through a bluesy rock jam that would give Gary Clark Jr. at least a head nod. Mixing Foo Fighters style rock with said blues; the band has crafted a captivating explosion of sound"

You Don't Know Jersey   
We came away incredibly impressed.  "Peace With You” is a slow burner of a song, one of the best on the EP. It injects a bit of soul into their bluesy sound."

In spite of his age, singer, guitarist, and harmonicist Jack Skuller fronts his namesake band the Skullers with all of the verve of a veteran who’s been at it for decades.  Meet the Skullers, comes with a fiery, bluesy sentiment that feels like an assemblage of music well beyond their years.

Pancakes and Whiskey  
"a proper blues-stomping backbeat and righteous harmonica, “Pressure Face,” wastes no time in getting to the point, which is to rock your face off. With silky smooth and clear lyrics, the tune ebbs and flows perfectly with memorable and soaring choruses all while the churning guitars never stop. Paired with the straight forward, but fantastically-spastic videography, this makes for a solid video that you’ll be playing over and over."

Jersey Beat 
"Gritty, bluesy rock and roll that sounds as if it woke up on the beer-soaked floor of a bar deep in the heart of Texas, but this all comes from Jersey. The energized “One Foot in the Grave” clamors with a Replacements-like glee and is the shining star of the five-song EP. There is a tremendous amount of talent within The Skullers, and when one considers that Jack Skuller was already a rock n’ roll veteran at age 14, the options are limitless for this outfit."

Ear To The Ground 
Here’s a blues rock song with some real grit and attitude. It’s about stress and dealing with difficulties in life. But more than anything, it shows off quality vocals and wrestles with relatable demons. Sometimes rock bands try to do too much, but the Skullers have a perfectly balanced and enjoyable sound. Hope to catch them live some day.

The Knockturnal  
And rock they did, blowing up the intimate Maxwell’s stage (so intimate Skuller stepped right off it and into the audience at one point). The music is hard pop rock with rockabilly leanings and a somehow cool, honest 80’s vibe to it;  Skuller was the consummate showman, playing guitar, harmonica, and taking a break to toss a t-shirt into the crowd.

The Skullers recorded with producer Joel Hamilton (The Black Keys, Tom Waits), who perfectly captured the group's updated take on blues-based rock and rockabilly on five impressive tracks, from the good-times rave-up "Meet Me In Memphis" to the slinky blues groove "Pressure Faces," which spotlights Sardi's bass and Skuller's harmonica.

another whisky for mister bukowski
"NUGGET OF THE DAY – an avalanche of riffs very heavy and rock well. No quick measure, it goes fast, very quickly, it is a universal human comet. The band mixes rock and blues. It's really good and I really want to listen to more."

Indie Buddie
"Swoon worthy rock and roll of the 60’s greats these young lads have knocked it out of the park. That harmonica solo shrill and high-powered energy teamed with smooth croony vocals add a fiery hot smoulder to their modern rock and roll. Another mesmerising track from The Skullers, they have a bright future ahead."

Speak Into My Good Eye 
debut EP, Meet The Skullers, with single “Meet Me In Memphis” leading the charge. The track is a great initial statement as The Skullers ride high swaggering over smokey blues-rock riffing.

One Stop Record Shop 
Injecting Monday with a slice of rock ‘n’ roll glory, The Skullers are here and they’re making a statement. Fresh cut “Meet Me in Memphis” is a raw and contemporary take on blues drenched Americana (don’t worry, there’s neither a pickup truck nor a fiddle in sight). A fresh take on a classic sound.

The Skullers worked with producer Joel Hamilton (The Black Keys, Highly Suspect, The Pretty Lights, Tom Waits) on the EP, and the collaboration results in a bluesy, high-energy introduction to the next chapter in Skuller's musical journey.

SSG Music
New Jersey trio the Skullers share a taste of bluesy rock via “Pressure Face” and bring back melody-focused alternative. Don’t mistake the radio-friendly vibe for pure sweetness. The young musicians are just doing grit their own way.

Impose Magazine  
NJ-based trio The Skullers are musicians dabbling in elements of alt, blues and all things righteous rock wise beyond their years.

Barry Gruff 
The Black Keys-esque stomp is replaced by the Mod-revivalist swagger of The Jam or The Rifles. Upbeat and up-tempo, a whirlwind of punchy vocals, guitar swaying twangyness and sing-a-long choruses combine and weave in and out of rumbling post-punk basslines. A raw, rumbling and addictive track delivered with a suave slickness.

NJ Racket
“Can We Do That Again” is a modern rockabilly fusion, exhibiting a tailor-fitted roughness with a blues-pop swing.”

Indie Buddie
"a lime soda indie pop track, refreshingly smooth with zesty spritz of guitar. Elastic rumbling bass drives the track while soft punchy drums and clap along feature keep this track bouncy and animated. Creamy effortlessly cool vocals glide through the surf friendly catchy track."

Power Popaholic
"The debut single “Can We Do That Again” is a sharp bit of guitar pop”

Indie Bands Blog
"A blend of blues, dance and solid rock enables The Skullers, in Can We Do That Again, to deliver a track that has both a beguiling raggedy edged gruffness to it and a thundering beat” 

Jack Skuller - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Luigi Sardi - bass
Brian Fahey - drums